In loving memory of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen [September 17, — December 11, ] Who was “always ready” to defend the faith, and always ready to meet his. Always Ready Bahnsen, Greg L. $$ Product Description. This book is a compilation of several of Dr. Bahnsen’s published works on Christian. Always Ready. (Directions for Defending the Faith). Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Texarkana, AR: Covenant Media Foundation, pp., paperback, $

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I will say this book gets deep and circular sometimes and you really need to stick with it to see it through – NOT an easy read. Aug 13, Darren Anderson rated it it geady amazing. A treasure trove of biblical apologetics, and sound doctrine; a pearl of wisdom and truth. He insists, “A Spirit-filled apologist will evidence the fruits of the Spirit in his approach to others. Bahnsen writes in a way that should be accessible to most readers without watering down his ideas.

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith – Greg L. Bahnsen – Google Books

It is rady less controversial. It has given me a better understanding of the importance of Presuppositionalism. For instance, a book on the problem of evil may be recommended separately from a book on the cosmological argument for God’s existence.

To perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty. As Bahnsen stated above, apologetics is not optional for believers. It has also better instructed me on the importance of humbly, yet firmly defending His gospel and ”destroying speculations and So far ‘Always Ready’ has been as excellent as everyone has always promised me it would be. The only author off-hand who may be simpler is Dr. By bahnaen our website you agree to our use of cookies. We say that all evidence is evidence of God, even one’s very ability to reason about evidence.


Takes us right back to Proverbs We are to be humble, respectful, and above all Gospel-focused. When you tell someone they are a fool for using unregenerate thinking, I do not foresee a lot of come to Jesus moments. He was also a renowned public debater as evidenced in his interchanges with Muslims, Roman Catholics, Jews, and atheists. The first part gives good biblical foundations and exegesis for apologetics plus an exegesis of Acts 17 at the end under the name “Jerusalem and Athens” baynsen, Bahnsen is especially good for that.

Greg Bahnsen is well known for perpetuating the legacy of Cornelius Van T A famous saying of Dale Carnegie is that “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”.

However, it is well worth it! Presupps allow people to understand and evaluate their worldview that is hostile to Bahsnen instead of evaluate evidence for the existence God.

Nope, not when souls are at stake here. Lee Strobel reavy Apologetics. Definitely not a subject that is commonly addressed in philosophy nor in theology.

Always Ready : Directions for Defending the Faith

Always Ready is absolutely a great start and very informative book. Repetitive, often belaboring the same point in different This is an accessible introduction to defending the Christian faith from a presuppositional point of view.


It argues in a circle. Or would you ward him off with the weapon that you have been issued and trained to use? Or is this one big Ignoratio elenchi? I still don’t understand many parts, but it is so powerful. The 2nd half of the book is practical, going over issues in apologetics such as the problem of evil, the presuppositions the other side brings in, and etc.

To be cognizant or aware of. Lewis and Finding God Larry Crabb. Mar 25, B rated it really liked it. My disagreements at this point would not be developed enough to critique it to rrady satisfaction; that is, this is an ongoing debate and I am not knowledgable enough to feel I fully abhnsen the view first. This is a solid work on presuppositional apologetics.

Peace be with you, Dan. Covenant Media Press, Telling an Atheist to “try Jesus” is not Biblical, asking nahnsen to evaluate God instead of evaluate self isn’t either. It really is, “All right there!

Always Ready

Bahnsen does a good job laying out the psychology of the unbeliever and proceeds rexdy provide a clear approach to thinking about presuppositions. I wish you would have integrated this line of criticism into your review, and show where you depart and where you agree. This was so helpful, and something that Bahnsen was a master of. It’s what the people want!

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