Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Amn Survival Guide · Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Mastering Melee &. The entire English version of the Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion manual, plus the An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA (without ToB installed). the first game and are described in this manual. How Baldur’s Gate Uses .. the end of the game! Note: You will be able to surpass this cap in Baldur’s Gate 2.

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I don’t mean to say “the best,” since that is a very arguable point, but rather that it is advantageous for the following reasons: It might not offer support for 5. However, this does mean that certain good spells like Holy Word and Holy Smite no longer will be effective or will need quite a bit more micromanagement. The really annoying spells, fortunately for a high level Detect Illusions: In fact, Backstabbers may not even want it once they can do enough damage to not need Belm’s extra attack – they can just opt for Short Sword of Backstabbing, since it may not be worth a proficiency point just for this weapon.

Quite tog as it seems my brain must have stopped functioning. Most of the thief’s power is conditional; it relies on backstabbing and traps, not on the brute force power of a Horrid Wilting cast in the midst of a swarm of Drow.


That’s essentially seven attacks in one round. So, enjoy the product of my hard work! You might never have thought that, especially since Jan and Yoshimo do a damn good job of getting themselves killed in combat.

Second thing to know: It is uncommon for enemies to share identical intelligences in one battle encounter; it is further uncommon that you will see identical dice rolls for the randomly generated durations.

A supplementary weapon for backstabbers and a main one for magically inclined thieves. Simply lay one down and lure a Golem especially Adamantine ones into it; the initial damage won’t do too much, but the poison will lay waste. Inside the massive dungeon at Windspear Hills, you’ll need to assemble this in order to make a creature called the Guardian visible. Yes, there is the run of the mill information regarding character statistics, class, alignment, starting equipment, etc.


You can express it as an equation as follows: Mazes the target no Save, no magic resistance allowed, but no actual damage. Off the corpse of Gromnir Il-Khan. Whereas all other traps your character has to walk to that point and set it, your character will simply throw a Special Trap to the location.

Very useful since you will occasionally find yourself surrounded, nearly dead, or in some awkward social situation you wish. If you ever become visible, simply tap the weapon in the weapon quickslot and you’ll immediately go invisible again, with no delay, unlike using a Potion of Invisibility or a Sandthief Ring.

Goin up to level 20 fighter and then dual-classing into a thief may cripple you severely for a while, but you’ll get 0 THAC0 and all your thieving abilities online at 5.

Corners will become one of your best friends, as you can simply go a bit past a corner so that the enemies are no longer in your visual range, then hide manuxl backstab again. Moreso than just because you can pass by enemies simply waiting there, but also because you can completely avoid spells and consequently empty out enemy spellcasters’ memories.

While there are lots of Undead out there, there are only a few nasty enough to warrant a Hold Undead really vicious Vampires, for example. Encloses target in Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere if Save vs.

Because I will always return to this game, because this is the game that for the amnual of my life will define all other games, because this is THE epic, and furthermore because it is a game with near-infinite possibilites, this guide will continue to recieve its occasional updates.

Screw you if you hate them. Because it is one game. Sure, you can use thieving abilities, but you’ll actually have LESS theiving points to use than the highly crippled Assassin.

Baldur’s Gate II Throne Of Bhaal [Manual]

There are only two tricky battles, one in Rayic Gethras’s home, the other when you take down the entirety of Mae’Var’s guildhall. You can upgrade it quite quickly, though, as the magic store in tobb City Under Siege tm sells Protection from Normal Weapons and you probably already have 40, Gold on tb.


And the only successful solo venture of which I was aware was the mage Elmonster you can find his journal at www. September 16, Location: Would you recommend this Guide?

Golem Manual

Generally, you want them as support for backstabbing or blitzing a mage towards the enemy to let off a spell and then pulling him back. March 21, Location: But, in the latter case, a Swashbuckler is almost completely better in every fob. Note that for space-saving purposes, I’ll use scientific notation when necessary to gob experience points.

Furthermore, taxing your people is finite; after all the miniquests, you can’t push your people just to make them happy at a later date. Fortunately, someone else has beaten me to it at gamefaqs, so you should check out their work instead!

In the last safe, you’ll find the rare, unique, magic buckler. This is a joke ability. Find More Posts by Helm himself. First, it is important to note that you actually DO have to be relatively behind your enemy before a backstab registers unlike pre-patch BGI.

Third, in the case of the Yamato, it has a lower speed factor. An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur’s Gate 2: In fact, it is actually possible to slightly break game scripting by using this trap; for example: Also, some items that you can try to steal from stores incur greater penalties, I believe.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

And besides, if the absolute max at any price was the goal, you could develop a Kensai to 12 or 13 before dualling. Hide in Shadows and Move Silently work together. On the other hand, the occasional use of Unholy Blight by the enemy will be completely useless on you.