This course covers the CATIA Generative Shape Design (GSD) workbenches and includes general tuition in surfacing concepts, quality and methodology. With CATIA V5 there is often a cost associated with additional functionality we will have a look at the PLM Express products GS1 and GSD. GSD: Generative Shape Design. it is an P2 (Plattform 2) workbench for modelling surfaces and wireframes of good quality. It is a very powerfull.

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Because I made this surface in geometrical sets in the tree and try to make surface in part body. Under-constrained designs are allowed and over-constrained designs can also be created.

See Editing Document Links. Creating Extruded Surfaces Revolve See Deleting Useless or Unreferenced Elements.

CATIA™ V5 Portfolio – Dassault Systèmes® 3D Software

How can I avoid this problem and make my surface solid? Refer to the Infrastructure User’s Guide. Creating Chordal Fillets Styling Fillet GSD shape design features It includes high-level features with full specification capture and reuse.


The Adaptive sweep function.

Why did you ignore my save file? Creating a Thick Surface Close Surface Creating Circular Patterns User Pattern Creating Multiple Points and Planes.

December 28th, Creating a Draft from Reflect Lines Shell Creating a Swept Volume Thick Surface The not so good news is there isn’t much need for them anymore. How to draw a line between these Originally Posted by wowpilot.

Creating Tritangent Fillets Translate Creating Rough Offset Surfaces Sweep Both standard and advanced combinations of elements use associative transformation, including symmetry, scaling, translation, affinity, extrapolation and fillet.

The various menus and menu commands that are specific to Generative Shape Design are described below. It can reuse a surface geometry linked to an existing surface providing master model design methodologies.

CATIA V5 Surfacing (GSD) Training

Creating Spherical Surfaces Cylinder How can I prepare in 5 days? Creating Extruded Volumes Volume Revolve Find Owning Selection Sets Inverting the Orientation of Geometry Near Why can’t I project like this? Creating a Cati Sew Surface Creating Cylindrical Surfaces Offset Creating Revolution Surfaces Sphere