The horrific murder in of year-old Bobby Franks in Chicago by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb inspired this acclaimed roman à clef. Meyer Levin (October 7, – July 9, ) was an American novelist. Perhaps best known Meyer wrote the novel Compulsion, inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case. The novel, for which Levin was given a Special Edgar Award by. In Compulsion, originally published in , Meyer Levin strives to answer a As Levin indicates in his preface, the narrator, Sid Singer, is a.

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Meyer Levin

Though these two highly intelligent young men—one Loeb an obsessive reader of true-crime detective stories—planned the crime for the better part of a year, they made so many glaring mistakes in covering their cimpulsion that some have hypothesized that they wanted to get caught. It is also in such cases that Sid Silver and my father become almost indistinguishable: There is so much depth to this novel.

All this works with brio under his pen! Per dimostrare l’uno all’altro, e quindi al mondo, di non essere mollaccioni. Of course, it’s hard to know where Levin is just presenting the way the characters lvin think and saying something that he himself believes.

His family was a wealthy one, and willing to pay what it would take to have Bobby returned unharmed. It affects how the lawyers strategize, how the judge rules, how the witnesses testify or refuse toand how the jury decides.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But as he took hold of the door handle, Judd noticed a few small, dark blotches. They drove to Vincennes. Would you like some questions to kick off the discussion within your group? Books by Meyer Levin. The author covered the trial as a cub reporter, and presciently recognized both the horror and the oddities of the crime.


Ordinarily, courtroom scenes, in both fiction and nonfiction, are either irritatingly inaccurate or incredibly dull. Apr 01, Kasa Cotugno rated it really liked it Shelves: Per dimostrare di poterlo fare. Despite prejudices and misconceptions about homosexuality that are inseparable from the time in which the story is set and in which it was writtenLevin brilliantly dissects the human heart in this classic of psychological realism — a remarkably sympathetic portrait years ahead of its time.

I found it fascinating.

Compulsion – Fig Tree Books

As to the last, rereading Compulsion in the twenty-first century, more than fifty years after the novel was written and at a distance of close to a century from the Roaring Twenties when the crime took place, one cannot help being impressed by the candor with which homosexuality is treated. Goodreads says this book has pages, however, this book actually has pages. Finally found the book. As a consequence, authors too often take artistic license, sacrificing all semblance of credibility in the service of drama.

The Kessler house was only a block out of their way. Meyre the combination of these two boys, who were so advanced for their ages intellectually yet not so much emotionally, was a dangerous one. It was a detail they had only partly foreseen. Please feel free to avail yourself of the following. Publisher’s Lsvin The basis of the award-winning film starring Orson Welles, Compulsion gives a shocking fictionalized account of the Leopold-Loeb murder case – in which two young graduates of the University of Chicago kidnapped and killed a child for the intellectual challenge.

I was especially drawn to Judd, for he is undoubtedly the more sympathetic of the two boys. Compulsion is a credible portrait of an era, and an early example of an compilsion crime cmopulsion into compelling fiction.


Directly in front of Judd, Milt Lewis was feverishly putting it all down, the hairs standing disgustingly on his levln, bent neck. It is a serious, horrifying and excellently written novel that portrays the dark side of human nature.

He had placed one letter on each side, to avoid any mistake. Not only did Levin show a fascination for the human mind and our need to explore itbut also an awareness of issues such as self-identity and sexuality.

They each had strained relations with both of their parents. In the second half of the book, which is devoted to the trial, the author distinguishes himself with his ability to draw courtroom scenes that are both dramatic and realistic. Artie started the car with a jolt and let the bits of paper flutter out a few at a time from his hand, laughing goadingly.

Farrell called “one of the most serious and ambitious novels yet produced by the current generation of American novelists. Conquering the sickening repugnance that blood always raised in him, Judd looked into the rear of the car.

Sicuramente nulla di rassicurante. The exploration of what the true motivations might have been is what drives the narrative and gives us some understanding of the complex enigma of the damaged, twisted psyches that provoked these two young men to commit this crime. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat In another sense too, the Loeb-Leopold case belongs more to the ’50’s than the ’20’s when it was a singular, and shocking phenomenon; today crimes such as this, “”a crime for crime’s sake”” or a “”crime in a vacuum”” has become something of a commonplace.