Compact and robust PC system for in-vehicle use. Can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with MicroAutoBox II. MicroAutoBox II variants // and // have a very to configure in Simulink® via the dSPACE blocksets RTI CAN and RTI CAN. dSPACE’s MicroAutoBox II is a real-time system for performing fast function prototyping in full-pass and bypass scenarios. The compact, stand-along prototyping.

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Varies between x x 60 mm 7.

The flexible technology can be used for low-latency analysis of large amounts of data independently of the MicroAutoBox processor.

This variant is always combined with a regular MicroAutoBox in one robust housing. MicroAutoBox II is a real-time system for performing fast function prototyping. A PC or notebook can be easily connected via Ethernet for program download and data analysis hot plugging.

Cost-optimised DAB solution targets automotive aftermarket. At a Glance Variants Technical Details. This site uses cookies to enhance your visitor experience. The system now can also be used for rapid control prototyping tasks. In addition to performing the actual autocoding, including code generation for AUTOSAR software components, TargetLink also makes it possible for developers to compare the behavior of the generated code with that of the original Simulink model by means of software-in-the-loop SIL and processor-in-the-loop PIL simulation.

The interface helps record large data volumes, e.

MicroAutoBox Embedded PC – dSPACE

MicroAutoBox contains signal conditioningfor automotive signal levels and an integrated flight recorder for long-term data acquisition now also supporting USB mass storage devices. Related Topics FlexRay FlexRay has established itself as a de-facto standard for in-vehicle, time-triggered communication systems.


The control design phase involves developing the control algorithms that will run on an ECU, usually by modeling them graphically. Application programs are stored in nonvolatile memory.

Signal conditioning for automotive signal levels, no power driver included Overvoltage protection; overcurrent and short circuit protection. MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU Compact and robust sensor processing unit for developing functions for advanced driver assistance and automated driving. New Products Oct 04, You can of course change the setting.

dSPACE MicroAutoBox II prototyping platform for in-vehicle use

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For more information, visit www. The two systems are internally connected and automatically synchronized to each other. We invite you to consult the privacy policy of these social networks. As with rapid control prototyping, Simulink models are the foundation.

Melexis, Osram Opto Semi join car interior lighting alliance. MicroAutoBox contains signal conditioning for automotive signal levels and an integrated flight recorder for long-term data acquisition incl. In rapid control prototyping, control algorithms are taken from a mathematical model and implemented as a real-time application so that the control strategies can be tested with the actual controlled system, such as a car or a robot.

New Products Oct 08, These cookies are required to navigate on our Site. Multi-channel switch helps save fuel. These cookies are used to gather information about your use of the Site to improve your access to the site and increase its usability. How does hp and 4 independent electric motors sound? Varies between x x mm 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Views Read Edit View history. Time synchronous sampling of all 16 channels with Ksps conversion rate in free-running mode. Input voltage range — Optimizing the control functions so that they fit specific applications is an integral part of ECU and controller development. For example, it can be used mucroautobox a dedicated platform microauotbox the multisensor software development environment RTMaps.


This is particularly the case of the buttons “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Linkedin”. With micriautobox combination of comprehensive software and hardware support, you can also keep overall system costs low.

Micriautobox is also possible to add up to four Ethernet controllers with BroadR-Reach interfaces, so that up to six Ethernet channels are available in one compact system.

If you disable cookies, you can no longer browse the site. It can operate without user intervention, just like an ECU. Examples of this type of applications include the design of innovative internal combustion engines. Different startup and shutdown options are provided: When a model’s behavior has been validated, the code generator has to reliably transfer it to the target processor, whose resources are usually designed for the greatest possible cost-efficiency.

Since the FPGA can control multiple control and input channels concurrently, controls for electric motor and inverter are also typical fields of application. With dSPACE’s combination dspxce comprehensive software and hardware support, you can also keep overall system costs low. Required Products Optional Products.

As a result, the C code production code generated for the target processor has to meet stringent requirements regarding execution time and efficiency. Skip to main content.