The AXOD-E transmission is 4 speed automatic trans-axle made by Ford. Keep an eye out for electrical problems. Ford AXOD Transmissions Torque Converters. Make/Model: – FORD TAURUS L – MERCURY SABLE L. Transmission. Sonnax Torque Converter parts for Ford AXOD, AXODE applications.

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OEM Ford AXOD Ax4s Direct Intermediate Clutch Housing Drum

Posted by Regis on Wednesday, July 17th, Forx was first put into production inbut only remained in production through the model year. It was eventually replaced by the AXS4 automatic transmission.

While an overall decent transmission, there are some common issues we should keep an eye open for. It contains four electric solenoids that are used to move the shift valves found in the valve body, along with one that is used to control the look up torque converter.

AXOD, AXODE Tech Resources

The solenoids consist of a coil of wire that when energized, form a magnetic field. This magnetic field moves a plunger that is attached to a valve.

When the current is cut to the solenoid, the magnetic field disappears and a built in spring is used to return the valve to its original position.


It is within the coil of wire that most problems occur. The coil of wire may break due to excessive vibration or internally short out cause by the protective fodd coating melting from excessive transmission fluid temperatures.

To quickly axpd a solenoid, get yourself a hand held ohm meter. Measuring the resistance coming off the two wires attached to the solenoid, you want to look for a reading of around 20 — 30 ohms.

A reading outside this range may indicate that you have a defective solenoid. The good news is that replacing the solenoids is not very expensive and they are fairly easy to replace.

As such it is vulnerable to overheating if abused. Abuse fird include towing over the factory recommended load limit or drag racing the car.

Ford AXOD transmission – Wikipedia

Ideally you want to keep the transmission below a maximum of degrees. For every 20 degrees you go over this limit you cut the life span of the transmission by fordd factor of two.

At temperatures as low as degrees, the flrd fluid can start to turn to varnish, at which point it loses its ability to properly lubricate the transmission and a total transmission failure is just around the corner. To protect the transmission from overheatinginvest in a good quality aftermarket transmission cooler.


It is also recommended that you switch over to a synthetic based transmission fluid. Synthetic based transmission fluids have much better properties thanoil based organic fluids and will not start to break down until much higher transmission fluid temperatures. Sooner or later you will be faced with a decision to replace your transmission. I strongly recommend that you invest in a re-manufactured transmission asod one that was simple rebuilt.

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