Posts about GFMS Gold Survey written by RyanPomy. The estimates shown in the GFMS Gold Survey for the main .. to reach 1, tonnes, the highest since , at a notional dollar value of. THIS WEEK saw the launch of ‘Gold Survey ‘ by Thomson Reuters GFMS, the world’s foremost research firm focusing on precious metals.

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These help us understand how visitors use our websites so we can 20112 them. From developing nations in the East to the quantitatively eased economies of the West, people are turning to gold as a vehicle for defending the value of their wealth and an insurance hedge against tail risks. Europe, China, Thailand and the Indian subcontinent all saw growth in physical gold bar investment investors in North America, as Klapwijk pointed out, durvey to prefer Gold Coins to Gold Bars.

Fuel Cell Energy ‘Now Viable’. A lot will depend on whether, as GFMS expects, the economic environment will continue to be supportive of Gold Investment, with negative real interest rates and fears of inflation prevailing in most parts of the world. This process went into reverse as the bull market got underway. gfmx

GFMS Research and Forecasts

Last year saw an annual gain of 2. Portfolio Adviser 19 October Beyond gold ‘chatter’. Most of the de-hedging survsy which contributed to the demand side — appears to have been done. East Asia and the Indian subcontinent meantime saw scrap supply fall, as did the Middle East, where it dropped by over tonnes.


Gold Investment in 2012: The Bullish and Bearish Signals

Physical Gold Investment demand continued to be strong last year Investment demand for physical gold saw “an excellent performance” godl year, Klapwijk told the audience at the London launch of ‘Gold Survey ‘. With Gold Prices rising, producers began to de-hedge, buying back positions and thus contributing to gold demand. Furthermore, the consultancy expects investment demand for gold to set a fresh all-time high of close to tonnes in Gold Bullion terms. Here are some highlights: Information or data included here may have already been overtaken by events — and must be verified elsewhere — should you choose to act on it.

Jewelry consumption however “is still expected to remain above ‘s historically depressed level” says GFMS. By contrast, supply from these sources has been flat sincedespite a sharp jump in scrap supplies at the onset of the financial crisis. Scrap supply appears to be flat On a global level, scrap supply fell by around 50 tonnes — equivalent to almost two thirds of the year’s Gold Mining production growth.

A Cambridge economics graduate, he is suevey professional writer and editor with a specialist interest in monetary economics. Gold Investment therefore syrvey to take up that slack.

Klapwijk agreed such a case could be argued, and that many wealth investors interested in gold have probably already built their positions. Thinking of investing in gold? Gold buying ‘cautious’ again.

For those weighing up the pros and cons of making a Gold Investment this year there were both bullish and bearish signals, writes Ben Traynor at BullionVault. North America and Latin America meantime posted modest scrap supply growth. Hedging activity by miners can now only be a source of supply.


GFMS GOLD SURVEY – Gold seen hitting $2,/oz by year-end – The Bullion Desk

Although most of the world’s regions saw a fall in gold jewelry fabrication in tonnage terms, there was a slight gain in Russia and more significant growth of around 40 tonnes in East Asia, which “boils down to China” said Klapwijk. Klapwijk noted, however, the most of the hedging seen last year 201 to be related to specific mining projects, adding that there seemed little appetite for strategic hedging against a fall in Gold Prices. Money Observer 6 August No, Bitcoin isn’t “new” gold. Please select an option below and ‘Save’ your preferences.

GFMS Gold Survey | Scratch Blog

Without any cookies our websites can’t remember your site preferences currency, weight units, markets, referrer, etc. Gold Mining supply is expected to continue growing this year Worldwide gold mine production rose for the third year running in Of course, short-term gains are not the primary gfmw most people make a Gold Investment, gfks not those Buying Gold in physical bullion form.

But official sector purchases by central banks to diversify away from the dollar also increased to more than tonnes last year, which inspired investors. Only Europe saw significant growth in scrap Gold Bullion supply last year old jewelry, gold watches etc.