The Shield of Heracles has 67 ratings and 6 reviews. Vivian said: Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus. Brothers against f. The Shield of Heracles and the legend of Cycnus – Volume 36 Issue 1 – R. 35 ‘ Hesiod’s “Shield of Herakles”: its structure and workmanship’. This short epic poem was attributed to Hesiod, a poet from Ascra and a Upon seeing Heracles, the poet of the Shield tells us that he wants to.

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And both sides were roused still more to fight because they were angry, the fierce boars and the bright-eyed lions. With an awful cry they closed: Then it was that from their well-woven cars they both leaped straight to the ground, the son of Zeus and the son of the Lord of War.

And the Centaurs were gathered against them on the other side with Petraeus and Asbolus the diviner, Arctus, and Ureus, and black-haired Mimas, and the two sons of silver, and they had pinetrees of gold in their hands, and they were rushing together as though they were alive and striking at one another hand to hand with spears and with pines.

There are numerous texts from the 12th to sgield 15th century.

At the end, after the king buries Cycnus, Achilles floods the river causing the river the wash away the grave. And she so honored her husband in her heart [10] as none of womankind did before her. In truth he had slain her noble father violently when he was angry about oxen; hesiiod he left his own country and came to Thebes and was suppliant to the shield-carrying men of Cadmus. Daiana Mavlea rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Paul Vittay rated it really liked it Apr 20, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The Evelyn-White volume is no longer in print but second-hand copies might be obtained from Amazon. There also was the abode of the gods, pure Olympus, and their assembly, and infinite riches were spread around in the gathering, the Muses of Pieria were beginning a song like clear-voiced singers.


The Shield of Heracles

Unicode Buckwalter transliteration View by Default: But, as you have shown your skill at other-times, so now also wheel the great black-maned horse Arion about every way, and help me as you may be able. Even so, the son of Amphitryon, unsated of battle, stood eagerly face to face with Ares, nursing courage in his hea Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus. Two serpents hung down at their girdles with heads curved forward: Him she bare through the embrace of the son of Cronos lord of dark clouds and the other, Iphicles, of Amphitryon the spear-wielder — offspring distinct, this one of union with a mortal man, but that other of union with Zeus, leader of all the gods.

It’s intensely written, with detailed descriptions of spears failing to pierce the mighty shield of Herakles and spears piercing Cycnus’ sinews.

And all night long he lay with his modest wife, delighting in the gifts of golden Aphrodite.

HESIOD, SHIELD OF HERACLES – Theoi Classical Texts Library

As when rocks leap forth from the high peak of a great mountain, and fall on one another, and hesjod towering oaks and pines and long-rooted poplars are broken by them as they whirl swiftly down until they reach the plain; so did they fall on one another with a great shout: For already a great lion lay between them and two boars, one on either side, bereft of life, and their dark blood was dripping down upon the ground; they lay dead with necks outstretched beneath the grim lions.

So in one night Zeus shared the bed and love of the neat-ankled daughter of Electyron and fulfilled his desire; and in the nesiod night Amphitryon, gatherer of the people, the glorious hero, came to his house when he had ended his great task.

The likelihood of both oral and literary transmission during the same time is noted by Janko A mountain peak near Thebes which took its name from the Sphinx called in Theogony l. Matt S rated it liked it Jul 05, Hesiod’s earliest poem, the famous Works and Daysand according to Boeotian testimony the only genuine one, embodies the experiences of his daily life and work, and, interwoven with episodes of fable, allegory, and personal history, forms a sort of Boeotian shepherd’s calendar.


And he feared their anger, and hastened to shie,d the great task to which Zeus had bound him. His mouth was full of teeth in a white row, fearful and daunting, and upon his grim brow hovered frightful Strife who arrays the throng of men: Yet I will tell you something besides, mightiest of the people.

This article needs additional citations for verification. And blameless Cycnus was glad, for he looked to slay the warlike son of Zeus and his charioteer with the sword, and to strip off their splendid armour. On his feet he had winged sandals, and his black-sheathed sword was slung across his shoulders by a cross-belt of bronze.

Translated by Evelyn-White, H G. The Shield of Heracles piles on repetitive description, without gaining added effect:. Two dolphins of silver were spouting and devouring the mute fishes. This text is part of: The description of Herackles shield, no doubt influenced by Book 18 of the Iliad to the point of using the description of Achilles’ shield almost verbatimis long, telling not necessarily of the shield’s military usefulness in a fight, but rather, is a collection of stories meant to This is a very nice piece of action by Hesiod or, more likely, someone else writing in the style of Hesioddetailing a fight between Herakles and his nephew Iolaus against the despot Cycnus and his father Ares.

His rage, though brutal, is entirely sympathetic to us.

Actually rather engaging, especially the phrase “neat ankled”. At the center was a mask of Fear Phobos uesiod the staring eyes and teeth of a gorgon. Loeb Classical Library Volume Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system.

Quickly he came to Typhaonium, and from there again wise Zeus went on and hesio the highest peak of Phicium: Hesiod, TheogonyCross-references in general dictionaries to this page 3: Upon the head of the hero lay the dread cap 4 of Hades which had the awful gloom of night.