Powers Delegated To FRROs · FRRO Contact · Online Registration /Visa Extension/LTV/ Conversion and other Misc. Services · FRRO Login. address in India to the Indian Mission/FRRO/FRO. Foreigners (including minors above 16 years of age) have to report in person or through an .. A foreigner can apply online from the website for availing of. Every Foreigner visiting India on Student Visa(S) (including those registration with the concerned FRRO if duration of his/her stay does not exceed days on a single visit. Report of absence from Registered Address.

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App for Crime reporting, Tenant verification, Servant verification, Search vehicle details and Alert Police in case help is required.

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How to download App: Like any other country, Government of India also regulates the entry, presence and departure of every foreigner to and from India. The Foreigners Act and the Foreigners Rules provide the regulatory code of conduct for foreigners. Government of India has entrusted all the State Provincial Governments with the functions of regulating entry, presence and departure of foreigners. Foreigners should submit their applications alongwith the registration forms with full details to the FRO concerned.

For the foreigners holding visas valid upto days registration and leave India permission are not required. Foreigners having visas for more than days should get themselves registered within 14 days of arrival in India.

However, Pakistani nationals should report their arrival within 24 hrs. Extension of visa beyond days will require registration.

Children below 16 years of age are exempted from inddia. However, they are required to obtain residential permit and extension of stay. Application forms are available free of cost at FRO’s office. Adults and minors should submit 4 and 2 photographs respectively. Proof of address ration card, telephone bill, electricity bill etc. Two sets of passport and visa copies should be enclosed with the forms. Foreign students visiting on student visa should submit bona fide study certificate of a recognized institution alongwith bank account reporrs and rental deed.

Foreigners visiting on business visa should submit the Reserve Bank of India permission. On registration, the FRO issues the foreigners with a registration inida and residential permit. Residential permit is not compulsory for minors. The foreigners from the following countries are exempted from visa and visa extension fee.


Foreigner registration in India

A foreigner, who while on tour in India, gets married to an Indian spouse can apply for extension of visa. The FRO concerned shall take two sets of attested copies of the marriage certificate alongwith the application and photocopies of travel documents and relevant fees. Every foreigner who enters India on the authority of a visa issued in pursuance of report Indian Passport Actshall obtain residential permit from the Foreigner Registration Officer having jurisdiction at that place, a registration report indicating the period during which he is authorized to say in India and place or places for stay specified in the visa.

Production of Proof of Identity and Certificate of Registration: Every foreigner will produce his passport or any other proof as may be required for his identity, or certificate of registration at the places specified by the FROMagistrate or Police Officer jndia below the rank of head constable for any purpose concerned with the enforcement of these rules. The officer concerned can relax the time limit. A foreigner who surrenders his passport or other proof identity or certificate of registration shall be entitled to receive a receipt of it from the FROPolice Officer or Magistrate to whom the document is surrendered.

Report of Absence from Address: The FRO will make an endorsement on his permit to this effect. Report of change of Registered Address: If any foreigner is about to change frrk registered Address, reporte will inform the FRO concerned. The FRO will make an endorsement on his Permit. Report to be made indiw and by Hotel Keeper: If any foreigner is staying with his relatives, it is the duty of that person to give a report to the nearest police station or the FRO with full particulars of the foreigner.

Under this provision, Indian citizens repotrs liable for a fine up to Rupees and foreigners are liable for imprisonment reporfs to one year and fine up to Rupees or both.

Pak nationals on their arrival at their destination in Rajasthan have to report to FRO concerned within 24 hours of their arrival. Pak nationals are required to have a visa for each place they want to visit.

The visa of Pak nationals also mention the name of the place, relatives and addresses where he is required to stay. Those relatives have to furnish affidavits on non judicial stamp paper, taking goov of timely production and ensuring proper departure of the Pak national.


For any violation of visa conditions, both the Pak national and his guarantor are made accountable. If these provisions are violated a police case can be registered under Foreigners Report to the Police Order, The guarantor has to ensure that the Pak national pays due respect to the institutions established under Indian Constitution. Against any untoward mischief by the Pak national visiting India his guarantor has to give sureties upto Rs.

If a Pak national absconds, a criminal case can be registered against him and the guarantor under Foreigners Act.

Report to the Police Order, and they are liable for a punishment of imprisonment upto 5 years and fine. For any unforeseen reason if a Pak national visiting India is in an utmost urgency to visit a new place, other than those mentioned in his travel documents, then the FRO concerned, after proper enquiry and teports, can recommend his case to the State Government for addition of the new place of visit to his visa.

This agreement applies to issue of only short-term visa. However, repotrs have been issued from time to time in the past regarding grant of Long Term Visas LTVs to the following categories of Pak vov These cases first extensions are granted for a period of 6 months each and further extensions for 05 years at a time.

After due enquiry of the genuineness, the proposal of extension of stay on LTVs is referred to the? After due enquiry of the genuineness, the proposal of extension of stay on LTVs is referred to the Government of India of further action through Govt.

If the Pak national intends to change the route at the time of return journey, he has to obtain permission from the State Government. Detail information regarding foreigner and other service is available on website of Bureau of immigration of India. Website Updated on Dec 31, Home Official Use Sitemap. Download Forms Important Downloads. Complaint Against Police Functioning. Citizens Tips for Tourists. Name of Officer Address Indiw Number 1.