The Kites by Romain Gary () Original French title: Les cerfs-volants. The Kites is a novel by Romain Gary translated by Miranda. Les Cerfs-volants has ratings and reviews. Anatoly said: I never really got into it. Can’t put the finger on the reason why, but I can say that. It seems extraordinary that Romain Gary, the Frenchman and only novelist we have this novel Les cerfs-volants – The Kites (first published in.

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Madame Julie Espinoza, a Jewish prostitute with a lizard brooch on her bosom a symbol of her constantly slinking out of trouble who transforms herself into Princess Esterhazy — she knows about the survival of the sharpest, duping the Nazis with aplomb. The young boy is the product of the Third Republic, educated in the public school-system. Assorted secondary characters include the usual Prussian Junker with an impeccable sense of honor he commits suicide after failing to kill Hitler and a Jewish madam who manages to pass as a Hungarian Countess and even help the Resistance on the side.

In American, I should say. Time and again Gary tries to mint aphorism about reason, madness, memory and other lofty themes, but none of his efforts quite hit the mark. I haven’t read a novel that I actually enjoyed since June, I’m getting seriously frustrated.

Another thing about the translation. I cannot write about Gary without mentioning his witty style. The Passion for R He was greatly decorated for his bravery in the war, receiving many medals and honours.

All that said, I imagine most Americans prefer translations in American English for exactly the same reasons I prefer ls in British English — why should they have to google what a Swede is?

Rutabagas, was the probable answer. I know that at least Lisa will read it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Paperbackpages.


He also co-wrote the screenplay for the motion picture, The Longest Day and co-wrote and directed the film Kill! And, meanwhile, Uncle Ambrose confesses to his nephew that he has, all his life, been in love with an imaginary woman. They married in and divorced in Gary fills his novel with colorful characters, but most are not developed much beyond their idiosyncrasies and what seems to be nationalistic iconography. She says at one point:. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The Kites is a tale, definitely not a historical novel. These words convey affection of the things they refer to. With the exception of Ludo and Lila, who evince some complexity, the rest of the novel unfolds predictably. She managed to translate the French play-on-words with an equally good pun in English. Basically it’s a love story between a peasant boy from Normandy, Ludovic Fleury, and kes Polish aristocrat, Lila Bronicka.

Les cerfs-volants

Ladan vafaei rated it it was ok Apr 16, Although he comes from a modest background and is an orphan to boot, Ludo has the great good fortune of being brought up by a wise old uncle whose hobby consists in buildin If only French books were edited like British and American ones!

Ludo befriends Lila and her brother Tad. Adva rated it it was ok May 13, Craig rated it it was ok Dec 16, La chute Albert Camus. He makes wonderful kites that sing the beauty of life and feature the great names of French history, be it literary or political. Rue des boutiques obscures Patrick Modiano. On the other hand, I might find a US translation of a 19th Century Spanish novel a bit jarring, particularly if there were a lot of colloquialisms.

Many possible answers, all requiring some real skill. He uses the French language in his own way, mixing expressions, thinking out of the box, putting codes upside down.


Les Cerfs-volants

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! His romancing recalls Nabokov — with jokes. As Lila explains to Ludo: Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. It was not a question of what I would do with in life, but what a woman was going to do with mine.

In spite of everything, the couple meet again a few months before the Liberation, and at the end of the book they triumphantly marry, flouting Lila’s shaved head in front of the creeps who dared to attack up behind Ludo’s back. Although he comes from a modest background and is an orphan to boot, Ludo has the great good fortune of being brought up by a wise old uncle whose hobby consists in building elaborate kites.

The Kites (Les cerfs-volants) by Romain Gary | Book Around The Corner

Les Cerfs-volants by Romain Gary. An Insatiable Craving for Book… on. La place Annie Ernaux. Guitiabedi rated it it was ok Jul 08, Ludo falls in love, as a young teenager, with a girl he meets randomly in a Normandy forest.

It is a rash, playful book, yet dark too. If the original is colloquialism heavy then the translation should be too or it changes the golants, in which case the translator in my view is best going for colloquialisms natural to their culture and accepting that those may prove a barrier for readers from some other cultures.

Made of mutual imagination and unbreakable bonds.