Interviniendo más accesoriamente en la colmatación existen coladas andesíticas niveles ignimbríticos, lutitas bituminosas, capas de carbón y niveles detríticos. Español: Cargador subterráneo Atlas Copco Scooptram ST7 para la extracción de lutitas bituminosas en la mina VKG Ojamaa,Condado de Ida-Viru, Estonia. Gas de lutita bituminosa. En el resto del país. – ºc. Contaminación; Desencadenar Terremotos (N).

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The dipteran family Dixidae is a small group of extant species of flies. They, along with two other families, are related to mosquitoes but have received little attention from modern taxonomists.

The fossil record of the dixids is relatively good with 13 described species. In this study, we describe four additional extinct species from the oil shale of the 46 million-year-old Kishenehn Formation in Montana, including the first females and the only fossil species to be described from the New World.

We review bituminoaas morphological bases of the generic assignments of all extant and extinct dixids and conclude that neither of the two major genera, Dixa and Dixella, can be distinguished by wing venation characters alone. Given that some fossil species of Dixidae consist only of an isolated wing, the generic assignments of these specimens must be re-examined.

Estas nuevas especies, Dixella intacta sp. Il est conclu qu’il est impossible de distinguer les adultes des deux genres principaux, Dixa et Dixellaen se lutits uniquement sur la nervation des ailes. Diese neuen Arten, Dixella intacta sp.


Morphological features of Dixa intacta. Scale bars equal 0.

File:VKG Ojamaa kaevandus.jpg

Line drawings of bituminowas. Wing venation is from McAlpine Scale bar equals 1 mm. Tarsal claw teeth of the Kishenehn Dixella. Arrows point to teeth.

LUTIAS BITUMINOSAS by Andres Canales Litvak on Prezi

The terminalia of Dixa intacta. Habitus of Dixella eomarginataholotype. Scale bar equals 3 mm. Morphological features of Dixa eomarginata. Scale bars equal 1. Habitus of Dixella curvistylaholotype. Morphological features of Dixella curvistyla.

File:VKG Ojamaa – Wikimedia Commons

The arrow points to the apical lobe of the gonocoxite. Habitus of Dixella spinilobataholotype. Morphological features of Dixella spinilobata.

Scale bar equals 0. Intraspecific wing bituminosaas pattern variability in Dixidae. Collection localities are in parentheses. Arrows and arrowheads denote specific points of variation. Vein Sc apex relative to the origin of Rs: Crossvein r-m origin relative to the bifurcation of Rs: Crossvein m-cu origin relative to the terminus of r-m: Vein A1 terminus relative to the origin of Rs: Vein A1 terminus relative to Sc terminus: Vein A1 terminus relative to the bifurcation of Cu: This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. He is currently a Research Collaborator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History where he is establishing a collection of fossil insects from the Eocene Kishenehn Formation in northwestern Montana.


Chapman Drive, Knoxville, TN In his career as a research entomologist he has conducted fieldwork in Australia and throughout the Nearctic Region, published over 55 peer-reviewed publications, and described 14 species to date.

Among his bituminossas interests are morphological and molecular systematics of the fly families Dixidae, Simuliidae, and Tachinidae and the collembolan genus Pogonognathellus.

Greenwalt and John K. Moulton Plain Language Abstract The dipteran family Dixidae is a small group of extant species of flies. Eva Gebauer Arabic Translator: New World fossil Dixidae: Habitus of Dixa intactaholotype. Taxa examined in wing venation variability analysis.

Character states used in the analysis of fossil and extant dixid wing venation. Morphological data matrix Dixidae wing and venation characters only.

Extant genera of the family Dixidae. Name Number of species Geographical distribution Asiodixa Papp et al. Fossils of the family Dixidae.

Dixa priscula Cockerell, Dixa cimbrica Ansorge,